Tinsel Blend Hair

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Tinsel Blend Hairs are mixture of metallic fibers and some kinds have combinations of pearlescent and holographic fibers, and also they have many colors in one package. Used on almost every style of streamer flies. Extremly soft, highly mobile with a pulsating action. Excellent for ribbing, wings, tails and bodies.

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Anthracite, Black Peacock, Black Purple, Black Violer, Brown forest, Copper Brown, Copper Peacock, Crimson Red, Dark Multicolour, Deep Blue, Deep Brown, Deep Copper, Deep Gold, Deep Space, Fuchsia Red, Gold, Golden Forest, Golden Green, Hot Gold, Hot Multispace, Multi Black, Multi Crimson, Multi Silver, Multi Space, Pearl Aquamarine, Pearl Brown, Pearl Green, Pearl Multi Colour, Pearl Pink